Mur by Ayca is a San Francisco based art brand founded by female designer, illustrator, and educator, Ayca Kilicoglu. She has a Masters Degree in Graphic Design & Digital Media from the Academy of Art University and a Professional Sequence in Graphic Design from the University of California, Berkeley Extension.

She designs vibrant, sophisticated, and eye-catching prints with whimsical and unexpected details that allude to power. She firmly believes that when opposing energies are combined, they become more powerful. This can be seen especially in the combination of her hand and digital drawings. Her works' core values are playful colors and bold geometric forms with a modern accent. Her designs are rooted in her keen observation of the natural world, the immersion of life in Turkey, her travels, everyday objects and fascination with art history and ancient mythology. Her work suggests the repetition, simplicity, yet complexity of the human experience.

These prints find homes on bandanas and scarves—all of which are printed in limited numbers in the designer’s hometown of Turkey, where the edges are hand-rolled with love by local women.

She carefully selects her materials, creating timeless collections with premium quality fabrics. She not only takes pride in designing products but applies that same high standard to the branding and packaging.